How to select an amplifier?

An amplifier becomes an important fitting for a guitar, so there are various aspects to be inspected before purchasing your amplifier. First check whether your amplifier provides efficient

Flexibility, it should not be rigid and stiff

The above stated qualities are required to check the functionality of the amplifiers, but most importantly you must check whether the amplifier goes well with your guitar. The amplifier should improve the sound produced from the guitar; it should sound well with the instrument.

There are a variety of amplifiers, and each has its own positives. Earlier players used the amplifiers which were powered by the vacuum tubes. The sounds emitted from those amplifiers were distinct and possessed high quality. But the draw back was that they were not easily repairable, and were expensive.

So other kinds of amplifiers like the transistor or solid state variety began to earn popularity. Now there are various different amplifiers from which you can choose one. While purchasing an amplifier, you can buy one with the power amplifier head segregated from the speaker. Or the power amplifier head and the speaker can be blended together called as the combo.

The cabinet itself has a variety of effects on the sounds produced. These effects are due to the kind of wood used for the cabinet, the size of the cabinet and whether the cabinet has its back side opened or closed. You can also select an extension cabinet. There are also an array of design specifications in the cabinet such as the cabinet straight and the cabinet slant. If you want a very portable amplifier, which could be used even in rash conditions, then the battery operated amplifiers serve your purpose.

While looking for an amplifier make sure that it does not come out with a muddy and muffled sound when used with your guitar. So when you are going to purchase your amplifier take the guitar with you. This will help in finding the best one. The other effects to be scrutinized are

Amplification which lacks distortion
Balanced equalizer
Bass and treble should be maintained equally
And other sound effects like reverberation etc should be present.
Proper tone controls

The main aspect to be noted is the quality of sound produced by the amplifier and the affinity between your instrument and the amp.


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